Structure of Pack 345

Structure of Pack 345


The term “pack” refers to all our Cub Scouts, Scout leaders, and family members.


The next, smaller group is a “rank,” which is a grade level label:

  • New Scouts of any age are always called Bobcats but they quickly earn their grade-level rank
  • Kindergarten kids are in the Lion rank
  • Grade one kids are in Tiger rank
  • Grade two kids are in Wolf rank
  • Grade three kids are in Bear rank
  • Grade four kids are in Webelos I 
  • Grade five kids are in Webelos II

Scouts move up a rank when they complete skill-based learning units, or “requirements.”


Within each rank is a “Den,” which is a group of 3-12 Scouts who are in the same grade; we also have the Phoenix Den, which is all the girls in our pack mixed in one gender group, but we might add another girls’ den if we can.  In general, dens and den leaders stay together as they progress through the ranks.


The Pack organizes volunteers and leaders into committees that focus on specific projects we do throughout the year for our Cub Scouts.

Pack Leaders

The Cubmaster leads the whole pack and focuses on helping Den leaders with programs that support Cub Scouts earning requirements and advancing through Scout ranks. 

The Committee Chair leads parent volunteers and helps the Cubmaster with administrative work like ensuring Den leaders and other leaders get training and materials. 



Advancing through Ranks and Recognizing Achievement

Throughout a scouting year, each Scout will work with den leaders and parents to learn new skills that satisfy “requirements,” defined in the Scout Handbook. When Scouts complete a set of requirements, they earn a belt loop with the symbol of the skill set (badges are for Scouts). Den leaders and parents work together on a Scout’s advancement through the ranks, and the den leaders usually stay with the same group of Scouts from the start of the den to the end of Cub Scouts. 

Make our Pack Awesome, Make your Den Fantastic

You can lead in uniform or lead out of uniform- either way, your participation helps us thrive!

Our Pack needs the support of about 20 dedicated adult volunteers performing in specific roles over the 12-month period of the scouting year. Parents can lead or support specific projects during the year, like planning the end-of-year Blue and Gold Banquet (blue and gold are the scouting colors). Every leader in our Pack is a volunteer, and every parent in our Pack should volunteer to lead or contribute their time and skills.

When you join or renew in Cub Pack 345, plan to join as an active  participant in your den. Den leaders need the help of each den parent to organize and lead learning experiences that help Scouts advance through rank requirements.