Pack 345 Popcorn Update!

How’s it poppin’, Pack 345? This is your Popcorn Kernel, Michael Lo, with a summary of our annual popcorn fundraiser. We raised  $2,370 in commissions on sales of $6,717 with 42% of the pack selling this year! In this message, find out how well our scouts and pack performed, how to collect prizes, and what you can do to make next year’s fundraiser even better.

Thank you

First, I want to thank all of the scouts who sold popcorn this year, and the family members who helped them along the way. Whether you set up the Trail’s End account, made phone calls with your scout, walked your neighborhood with door hangers, or posted messages on social media, your effort delivered fundraiser income to the pack we will use for our program in 2021 and 2022.

Top Notch

  • Congratulations to our highest selling scout, Quinn Fisher, of our Bear den with $1080 in sales!
  • Three cheers for Wolf Den 1 with the highest participation!

In Detail

For everyone’s safety, we decided to do all sales online this year. We had 54 of 78 scouts register in the Trail’s End sales system. Of these, 28 sold popcorn and 28 did not. In addition, 12 scouts were invited to register but did not activate an account. Here is a snapshot of how we performed in this unusual year.

Data Point 2020 2019
Pack participation 28 of 78 or 36% of the pack 70 sellers / 70% of pack 345
Total sales $6,717.00 $17,364
Commission (pack revenue) $2,370.00 ~$7,200
Sales methods Online only Online, door-to-door (take order), and storefront (wagon sales)
Highest selling den Bear Den with $2230
Highest sales by a scout $1,080 $1,105

Pies & Prizes

Individual scouts can collect any Amazon gift cards they earned by accessing their Trail’s End account either using a PC or the app:

On a PC, log in at

  1. In the blue menu on the left hand side, click on the ‘Rewards’ tab:

  1. Once in the ‘Rewards’ tab, in the upper right hand corner of the screen under the Scout’s name there will be a ‘Claim’ button that is blue. Click the button, and an email with an Amazon gift card redemption code will be sent to the email on the Scout’s Trail’s End account.

In the Trail’s End App on your smartphone

  1. In the top left hand corner of the screen, click the 3 small stripes:

  1. On the left side of the screen, a blue menu will pop up. Click on the ‘Rewards’ tab.

  1. Click on the ‘Claim’ button – this will send your Scout’s gift card redemption code to the email on your Trail’s End account.


Three of our scouts won Atlanta Area Council prizes for reaching the $750 club. This year, the Top Seller’s Club prize was a cool duffle bag with a Scouts BSA logo- perfect for taking your gear on summer activities! Please contact me at for more information.

Pie-in-the-face: this year we are going to do the traditional pie-the-leader a little differently to protect everyone from contracting COVID-19. Typically, the highest selling scout in each den gets to pie the den leader in the face at the annual Blue and Gold banquet- super fun! But that’s a little too close for comfort in 2021. So, we’re asking a parent, sibling, or guardian to volunteer to take a pie for the cause! We plan to hold our banquet as a picnic at our Bert Adams scout camp day trip on Saturday, March 12. If you and your scout will attend, that is the pie place to be! If you will not attend the picnic, please discuss an alternative pie reward, such as on a den Zoom call, with your den leader. More info to come.

Unit Scout Participation
Pack 345 Top Seller Quinn Fisher, top seller 28 of 78  or 36% of the pack
Webelo 1 Oliver Bluett 1 of 8 scouts
Webelo 2 Dylan Vestal-Mashburn 3 of 5 scouts
Webelo 3 Conor Mellage 2 of 8 scouts
Webelo 4 Miriam Bratton 4 of 9 scouts
Bear Lincoln Lo 4 of 7 scouts
Wolf 1 Nicholas Hall 6 of 8 scouts
Wolf 2 Jackson Whitworth 1 of 7 scouts
Tiger None No scouts
Lion Langston Coley 4 of 7 scouts
Phoenix Nora Brown 3 of 7 scouts


Next Steps

In March of 2022 , our Webelo scouts will cross over into Scouts BSA and move on to local Scout troops or leave our pack. With this departure,  Webelo parent F.G. Courtney will transition out of her role as our Popcorn Lootenant. We need a new volunteer to help us manage the pack’s Trail’s End account, track information in spreadsheets, and support me, the Popcorn Kernel. The time commitment for the Lootenant role is typically 1-3 hours per month from August to January. Will you volunteer?

Parents, you can help your scouts thank everyone who supported scouting by purchasing popcorn this year. We’d love to see some pictures of you and your scout with a prize and a smile on our Facebook page. Please keep track of your Trail’s End account log-in information for next year’s fundraiser.

The funds we raise through popcorn sales commission help to pay for our camping trips, pack t-shirts, neckerchiefs, pinewood derby cars and supplies, and rank advancements.

I hope you are all keeping safe, keeping well, and keeping the scout oath and law in your hearts and minds as we scout into a new year.


Yours in Scouting,

Michael Lo

Pack 345 Popcorn Kernel


Website: The GLOBE Academy Cub Pack 345

Facebook: Cub Pack 345

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