Spring Camping 2021, April 17th and 18th – Bert Adams Scout Camp, Covington Ga.


This post contains a lot of important information about how we will all contribute to a safe and successful event, so please read it all. The most important thing to remember is that we can only do this with your help throughout the weekend.

Campground Location

We are camping at the Bert Adams Scout Camp, managed by the Atlanta Area Council. We’ll be in the Gorman Campground, using the Lee, Hale, Revere, and Jones campsites; find a sign for your den when you arrive.

The campground is near Covington, GA, approximately 1h driving time from GLOBE Lower Campus out I-20 East. If you plan on camping Friday night, note that traffic out I-20 can be heavy, with delays. Since sunset is at about 5:45 these days, so if you plan to come on Friday, you should plan to leave Atlanta at about 3:30 PM if you want daylight to set up your tent and cook supper.

Campground Den Assignments

Campsite Dens Den Leader


Den 1 Lion and Tiger Boys

Den 2 Lion Girls

Bear Den 1

Matt Brown

Jennifer Burrell

Lisa Fisher

Hale Wolf Den 1

Wolf Den 2

Cameron Horne

Mike Flynn

Revere Webelo Den 2

Webelo Den 3

Webelo Den 4

April Vestal-Mashburn

Brian Mellage

Craig Swaney

Lee Webelo Den 1

Phoenix Den

Mary Beth Martin

Melody Crowley


COVID-19 Guidance

Keeping everyone safe means we need to follow these precautions: (Safe does not mean no-risk)

  • Stay home if you or a family member in your house feels sick

  • Wear a mask all day and all night whenever you’re outside your tent; prepare your scout and siblings aged 2 and older for this necessity

  • No Scouts in tents of other Scouts.
  • Stay six feet or more apart whenever possible, including at a campfire

  • Wash your hands frequently

  • Use the bathroom in turns; do your best not to be in a bathroom at the same time as another scout or family; den leaders will ask a parent to volunteer to monitor bathroom use and keep bathrooms sanitized with supplies provided by the pack

  • Plan and prepare meals with your den leader’s guidance; each den will decide what works best for the families; one approach is for families to bring their own breakfast and lunch fixings; for a communal meal, one family should prepare and serve the food and clean up; everyone should use disposable plates, cutlery, and cups, if needed

What to Bring

Your den leaders will tell you what to bring for the adventures they plan to deliver. In addition, you should bring:

  • Medical forms, printed and signed; give these to your den leader when you arrive

  • Masks and hand sanitizer

  • Class A uniform (blue or tan collared scout shirt); Class B t-shirt

  • Camping gear such as a tent, ground sheet, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, flashlights, a first aid kit

  • Warm clothing, rain gear, toiletries, trail food, camp chairs, and water bottles


Quiet time begins at 9:00 with lights out by 10:00pm.

Bikes are encouraged!  You must wear a helmet while riding

Sunrise will be at around 7:30 AM each day, and sunset around 8:00 PM


Friday, April 16th

Arrival after 4:30 pm. No planned activities. Families find their dens and set up camp.

Quiet hours begin at 10pm.

Saturday, April 17th

7:00 – 9:00 AM

Breakfast in your Den Campsite; Saturday/Sunday campers arrive

9:30 AM

Flag ceremony at Campfire Ring / Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Adventure activities by rank

Den activities, such as adventure requirements, hikes, and fun!

(11-12pm Lunch preparation by Den volunteers)

12:30 – 2:00 PM

Lunch + free time

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Adventure activities by rank

Den activities, such as adventure requirements, hikes, and fun!

4:00 – 5:00 PM

Supper preparation by volunteers

4:30 – 6:00 PM

Supper as dens

Scouts clean up and get in Class A uniform


Campfire for Lions, Tigers, and Wolfs at Campfire Ring


Campfire for Bears and Webelo at Campfire Ring

9:00 PM

Quiet hours begin; Get ready for bed

10:00 PM

Quite hours begin for all campers

Sunday, April 18th

7:00 – 9:00 AM

Breakfast as dens

9:00 – 9:30 AM

Scout’s Own Service at campsites

9:30 – 11:00

Campsite take-down and clean up


All campers must leave Bert Adams Scout Camp

Official COVID-19 Resource

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