Pack 345 Camping Etiquette

Parents as you attend camping events with your scout, please beware of some camping rules and to always use proper camping etiquette. If ever in doubt, we always observe the GLOBE Academy’s CREST model and school rules


There are really only a few rules, the rest is proper etiquette.

  • NO drugs, alcohol, firearms, fireworks, smoking, or foul language.
  • Always know where your child is at all times.
  • All youth and adults should use the Buddy System when traveling through the camp at all times. This is both for safety and YPT purposes.
  • No open-toe shoes, sandals, or flip-flops. Only closed-toe shoes, closed toed beach shoes or closed toed sandals are permitted.
  • Scouts venturing into nearby wooded areas ALWAYS let their adult partner or leader know where they are headed and which buddy will be with them.
  • Remember the Leave No Trace Rules: Stick to the path, do not trample or damage plants or animals, do not break branches from trees, etc.
  • No electronics permitted on pack camp outs or events. A scout may use them in their car on the ride up and home, but once you reach the scouting event, the electronic device should to stay turned off and stay in the vehicle, NOT THE TENT, backpack, or anywhere it is accessible for a scout to play with. Camping is for Scouts to learn and explore, and most importantly, to disconnect from our devices.

NOTE: Parents and Leaders may use phones for emergency use or camp organizational purposes only.

** Parents and Leaders: Please practice what we preach to the scouts.

The following are just items that are proper camping etiquette. They are in no certain order.


Do not allow Scouts to run through other campsites.

Do not allow Scouts to leave the immediate camp site area unless with their parent/guardian or with a buddy (with parent’s consent). Know where your scout is at.

Parents & Scouts are to help clean up campsite before leaving. Pick up more than you bring. Remember “Leave No Trace”.