Bear Games of 2022

Cub Scout Pack 345 Bear Dens recently hosted a carnival filled with exciting games and activities for the entire family. The event was a huge success and everyone had a great time!

The carnival featured a variety of games that tested the skills and teamwork of the participants. One of the most popular games was the ring toss, where players had to toss rings onto different-sized bottles. This game was not only fun, but it also required coordination and precision.

Another exciting game was the bean bag toss, where players had to toss bean bags into a hole in a board. This game was challenging, but it was also great for building hand-eye coordination.

For the younger children, there was a fishing pond game, where they could use a fishing rod to try and catch as many toys as possible. This game was a huge hit with the kids and it was great to see their faces light up as they caught each toy.

The carnival also featured face painting, balloon animals, and a bounce house. These activities were a great way for kids to let loose and have fun. The face painting station was especially popular and the kids loved getting their faces painted with their favorite characters and designs.

The Bear Dens also sold refreshments and snacks, including cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs. The delicious treats were a great way to take a break from all of the games and activities and enjoy a bite to eat.

Overall, the Cub Scout Pack 345 Bear Dens’ carnival was a huge success and it was great to see so many families having a great time together. The games and activities were a great way for the kids to learn new skills, build teamwork, and have fun. We can’t wait for next year’s carnival!

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